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About - Creator

This web site was created by the Computer Information Agency. This site should be considered a work in progress. It is a private contribution to the celebration of the centenary of Australian Federation as well as a memorial to all those Australians who gave their lives. The site is currently privately funded and developed by the Computer Information Agency for educational and research purposes.

About - Courses

We conduct courses on the Australian Battlefields of World War 1. We are also happy to give presentations on the Battlefields to schools, community groups or others upon request. Please email Robert Crane for more information.

About - Google Earth Placemarks

Links on this site that appear like Gallipoli are Google Earth placemarks. If you have Google Earth installed on your machine you can open these placemark files and automatically navigate to the locations. These placemarks can also be saved for later reference. Google Earth is a free download from

We are making all the Google Earth placemarks on this web site available as a paid download ( for AUD $ 2.99 ). These funds are used to continue to develop the content on this website, also with 10% being donated to Legacy ( War Veterans Charity ).

To purchase all the placemarks on this site press the above "Buy Now" button and complete the purchase for a total of AUD $2.99. Once payment has been verified we will email you a ZIP file of all the placemarks ( please allow 24 hours ).

About - Macromedia Flash

This site uses Macromedia Flash. To obtain the latest version if you are having problems viewing the graphics go to :

and download the Flash player for your browser.

About - Future

The Computer Information Agency continues to work on the site and add relevant information to help visitors better appreciate the sacrifice that so many Australians made during the period. We one day hope to return to the Battlefields of northern France and collect more information and images that we can present here. It is hoped that a return visit may also allow us to create a video record of the Australian Battlefields of northern France to accompany this web site.

About - Feedback

We always welcome feedback, corrections or additions to the information presented here. You can contact us via email at or via our web site at

About - Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here but we can't be held responsible for the validity and timeliness of the information presented to you on these pages. We therefore neither make nor imply any guarantees about any of the information presented to you here. All information provided on these pages is done so in an "as is" state and the Computer Information Agency will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or oversights.