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Australian Divisions

Australian 1st Division Memorial

Located just outside the town of Pozières .
50°02'17.66"N, 2°43'17.20"E - Placemark

Australian 2nd Division Memorial

Located at Mont St Quentin.
49°56'51.61"N, 2°55'55.91"E - Placemark

Australian 3rd Division Memorial - Sailly-le-Sec
Australian 3rd Division Memorial
Photo courtesy of Nicolas Goret

Located at Sailly-le-Sec.
49°56'10.13"N, 2°34'46.68"E - Placemark

Australian 4th Division Memorial
Photo courtesy of

Located at Bellenglise.
49°55'50.33"N, 3°13'35.72"E - Placemark

Australian 5th Division Memorial

Located at Polygon Wood 50°51'22.25"N, 2°59'31.66"E - Placemark


This British Memorial is 45 metres tall and visible from many area in the region. It can be seen from places such Pozières and gives you a good idea of the overall objective of these battles.

Cemetery behind the Memorial has an equal number of unknown French and British soldiers

It is the World's largest war memorial with the names of 72,085 British and South African troops missing in action or with no known grave.

British Memorial

Thiepval fell on September 28, 1916.

Some of the names of 72,085 missing or unknown soldiers


36th Ulster Division Memorial

The Ulster Tower Memorial is a tribute to all the Ulstermen who died in this location and elsewhere on the Western Front. The tower is an exact copy of the tower that is located on the grounds of Clandeboyne, County Down where the 36th trained  before arriving on the Western Front. The original tower in County Down was a memorial to Helen, mother of the Marquis of Dufferin, located in the family park.

Inside the Tower is a museum that is open every day except Mondays.

29th Division

29th Division Memorial

This Memorial is situated at the entrance to the Newfoundland Park.

Newfoundland Memorial Park

Caribou monument points in the direction of attack

The Newfoundland Memorial Park covers 80 acres of which 40 acres are in a sector held on July 1 by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment of the 29th Division. The Regiment was annihilated in the initial attack after an attacking mine was detonated 10 minutes too early. This time allowed the enemy to re-occupy the ground and totally destroy the attacking Regiment.

At the base of the Caribou monument is a memorial to the Newfoundland missing at land and sea. It contains the names of 800 who failed to return.

Remaining trench lines

This park is probably the best preserved example of the battlefields of World War I being left untouched since the event.


British Lions guarding Ploegsteert Memorial

Ploegsteert Memorial


This memorial to Canadians at Corcelette is located near Pozières. All Canadian memorial except for two ( Vimy Ridge being one ) are like this one.