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There are thousands of Australian war dead buried all over the Western Front. In an effort to assist people doing research and locating cemeteries in the French and Belgium countryside we have compiled a list of over 500 cemeteries that contain Australian war dead as well as a number of other points of interest to Australian travelers. Each location is identified via longitude and latitude. This makes it easy to locate using a tool such a Google Earth or a GPS.

A list of some of the locations we have catalogued appears below. Please allow a few seconds for the complete list to load. You can also download the complete list by clicking here (file is in PDF format and lists location, nearest down, Australian burials etc but no Longitudes and Latitudes or book references).

The complete burial details, including longitudes and latitudes, is included in our 120+ page PDF eBook for only AU$7.95

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This eBook contains the GPS locations and number of Australian World War 1 soldiers buried in North France for almost 600 cemeteries. It also contains the GPS locations and information on all the Australian Victoria Cross actions of World War 1 Northern France.

Name Location, Town

1st Division, Pozieres
2nd Canadian, Neuville St Vaast
2nd Division Memorial, Mont St Quentin
3rd Division Memorial, Sailly-le-Sec
4th Division Memorial, Bellenglise
5th Division Memorial, Zonnebeke
85th Canadian Inf Bn, Passchendaele
Abbeville Communal, Abbeville
Achiet-le-Grand Communal , Achiet-le-Grand
Adanac military, Miraumont-Pys
Adelaide, Villers-Bretonneux
Adinkerke Military, Furnes
Aeroplane, Ypres
Agny Military, Arras
AIF Burial Ground, Flers
Aire Communal, Aire
Albert Communal, Albert
Allonville Communal, Allonville
Anneux British, Anneux
Anzac Cem Sailly-sur-la-Lys, Sailly-sur-la-Lys
Arneke British, Arneke
Arras Road, Roclincourt
Artillery Wood, Boezinge
Arvaing Churchyard, Province of Hainault
Ascq Communal, Ascq (Lille)
Athies Communal, Athies
Aubers Ridge British, Aubers
Aubigny British, Aubigny
Aubigny Communal, Aubigny
Audenard de Communal, Province of East Flanders
Australian Corps Memorial Park, Le Hamel
Australian Memorial Park, Bullecourt
Australian Memorial Park, Fromelles
Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux
Auvers-Sur-Oise, Paris
Aval Wood Military, Vieux Berquin
Aveluy Communal, Aveluy
Aveluy Wood (Lancashire Dump), Mesnil Martinsart
Bagnaux British, Gezaincourt
Bailleul Communal, Bailleul
Bailleul Road East, St Laurent-Blangy
Bancourt British, Bancourt
Bapaume Communal, Bapaume
Bapaume Post Military, Albert
Bapaume Australian, Bapaume
Bavelincourt Communal, Bavelincourt
Bayernwald Trenches, Wihtschate
Bazentin-le-Petit Communal, Bazentin-le-Petit
Bazentin-le-Petit Military, Bazentin
Beacon 25Bn AIF Memorial, Sailly Laurette
Beacon, Sailly Laurette
Beaugnatre Communal, Beaugnatre
Beaulencourt British, Ligny-Thillon
Beaumetz Cross Roads, Beaumetz
Beaurevoir British, Beaurevoir
Beaurevoir Communal, Beaurevoir
Beauval Communal, Beauval
Bedford House, Zillebeke
Behencourt Churchyard, Behencourt
Belgian Battery Corner, Ypres
Belgrade House, Namur
Bellenglise Town Hall, Bellenglise
Bellicourt British, Bellicourt
Berks Extension, Ploegsteert
Bernafay Wood British, Montauban
Bertangles Chateau, Bertangles
Bethleem Farm East, Messines
Bethleem Farm West, Messines
Bienvillers Military, Bienvillers
Birr Crossroads, Zillebeke
Black Watch Corner, Zonnebeke
Blangy-Tronville, Blangy-Tronville
Blargies Communal, Blargies
Bois Guillaume Communal, Bois Guillaume
Bonnay Communal, Bonnay
Bonneville Communal, Bonneville
Borre British, Hazebrouck
Bouchoir New British, Bouchoir
Boulogne Eastern, Boulogne
Bouzincourt Communal, Bouzincourt
Bouzincourt Ridge, Albert
Boves West Communal, Boves
Brandhoek Military, Vlamertinge
Brandhoek New Military No 3, Ypres
Brandhoek New Military, Vlamertinge
Bray Hill British, Bray
Bray Military, Bray
Bray Vale British, Bray
Brewery Orchard, Bois Grenier
Brie British, Brie
Bronfay Farm Military, Bray
Buffs Road, St Jean les-Ypres
Buire sur l'Ancre, Buire sur l'Ancre
Buire, Buire Courilles
Bullecourt Slouch Hat, Bullecourt
Bulls Road, Flers
Bus House , Voormezeele
Busigny Communal, Busigny
Butte de Warlencourt, Le Sars
Buttes New British, Zonnebeke
Cabaret Rouge British, Souchez
Cabin Hill, Wytschaete
Cachy Communal, Cachy
Caestre Military, Caestre
Cagnicourt British, Cagnicourt
Caix British, Caix
Caix Communal, Caix
Calais Southern, Calais
Calvaire, Montbrehain
Cambrai Memorial, Louverval
Canadian Cem Sailly-sur-la-Lys, Sailly-sur-la-Lys
Canadian Memorial, Passchendaele
Carnoy Military, Carnoy
Casualty Corner, Contalmaison
Caterpillar Valley, Longueval
Caucade Communal, Nice
Caudry British, Caudry
Caudry Old Communal, Caudry
Cayeux Military, Cayeux en Santerre
Celtic Wood Broodseinde, Zonnebeke
Cement house, Langemarck
Cerisy Gailly French National, Cerisy
Cerisy-Gailly Military, Cerisy
Chalk Pit, Pozieres
Charleroi Communal, Charleroi
Chester Farm, Zillebeke
Cite Bonjean Military, Armentiers
City of Paris Bagneux, Paris
City of Paris Pantin, Paris
Clery-sur-Somme Communal, Clery-sur-Somme
Combles Communal, Combles
Contalmaison Chateau, Conalmaison
Contay British, Contay
Corbehem Communal, Corbehem
Corbie Communal, Corbie
Cote80 French National, Entineheim
Courcelette British, Courcelette
Courtrai (St Jean) Communal, Courtrai (St Jan)
Coxyde Military, Coxyde
Croiselles British, Croiselles
Croix-Du-Bac British, Steenwerck
Cross Memorial, Bullecourt
Cross Roads British, Fontaine Au Bois
Crouy-sur-Somme British, Crouy-sur-Somme
Crucifix Corner, Villers-Bretonneux
Dantzig Alley British, Mametz
Daours Communal, Daours
Dartmoor, Becordal-Becourt
Delsaux Farm, Beugny
Delville Wood, Longueval
Denain Communal, Denain
Dernancourt Communal Extension, Dernancourt
Dernancourt Communal, Dernancourt
Derry House No 2, Wytschaete
Desplanque Farm , Le Chapelle d'Armentieres
Dickebusch New Military Extension, Dickebusch
Dickebush New Military, Dickebush
Dinant Communal (Town), Dinant
Dive Copse British, Sailly le Sec
Divisional Collecting Post, Boezinge
Dochy Farm New British, Zonnebeke
Doingt Communal, Doingt
Don Communal, Annoeullin
Douai Communal, Douai
Douchy-Les-Ayette British, Ayette
Doullens Communal No1, Doullens
Dozinghem Military, Westvleteren
Dranoutre Military, Dranoutre
Duisans British, Etrun
Dunhallow ADS, Ypres
Dunkirk Town, Dunkirk
Ebblinghem Military, Ebblinghem
Ecoivres Military, Mont St Eloi
Ecoust Military, Ecoust St Mein
Ennemain Communal, Ennemain
Erquinehem Lys Churchyard, Erquinghem Lys
Ervillers Military, Ervillers
Escanaffles Communal (Town), Province of Hainhault
Esqualbecq Military, Esquelbecq
Estaires Communal, Estaires
Estrees Communal, Estrees
Etaples Military, Etaples
Etaples Military, Etaples
Etretat Churchyard, Etretat
Euston Road, Colincamps
Favreuil British, Favreuil
Fins New British, Sorel-le-Grand
Flatiron Copse, Mametz
Flesquieres Hill British, Flesquieres
Fosse No10 Communal, Sains-en-Gohelle
Fouilloy Communal, Fouilloy
Fouquescourt British, Fouquescourt
Framerville (Raineville) Communal, Framerville
Francquevillers Military, Francquevillers
Franvillers Communal, Franvillers
Frechencourt Communal, Frechencourt
Fricourt German, Fricourt
Gezaincourt Communal Extension, Gezaincourt
Gibraltar, Pozieres
Givenchy Road Canadian, Neuville St Vaast
Glageon Communal Extension, Glageon
Glisy Communal, Glisy
Godewaersvelde British, Godewaersvelde
Godezonne Farm, Kemmel
Gommecourt British No 2, Herbuterne
Gommecourt Wood New, Foncquevillers
Gordon Dump, Ovillers-la Boiselle
Gorre British and Indian, Gorre
Grevillers British, Bapaume
Grove Town, Meaulte
Guards, Les Boeufs
Guillemont Road, Guillemont
Gunners Farm Military, Ploegsteert
Gwalia, Poperinge
HAC (Honourable Artillery Company), Ecoust St Mein
Hagle Dump, Ypres
Haies Communal (Nalines), Haies
Halle Communal, Halle
Hancourt British, Hancourt
Hancourt British, Hancourt
Hangard Communal Extension, Hangard
Hangard Wood British, Hangard
Hantes-Wiheries Communal (Town), Hantes-Wiheries
Hargicourt British, Hargicourt
Hargicourt Communal, Hargicourt
Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military, Poperinge
Harlebeke New British, Harlebeke
Hautmont Communal, Hautmont
Hazebrouck Communal, Hazebrouck
Heath, Harbonnieres
Hebuterne Communal, Hebuterne
Hedauville Communal Extension, Hedauville
Heilly Station, Mericourt l'Abbe
Hellfire Corner, Ypres
Hem Farm Military, Hem Monacu
Heninel-Croisilles Road, Heninel
Herbecourt British, Herbecourt
Hermies British, Hermies
Hermies Hill British, Hermies
Hersin Communal, Hersin-Coupigny
High Tree, Montbrehain
Highland, Le Cateau
Hill 60 - 1st Aust Tunnelling, Zillebeke
Hillside, Le Quesnel
Hooge Crater, Zillebeke
Houplines Communal Extension, Houplines
Hourges Orchard, Domart-sur-la-Luce
Houyet Churchyard, Houyet
Hyde Park Corner(Royal Berks), Ploegsteert
Irish House, Kemmel
Janval, Dieppe
Jeancourt Communal, Jeancourt
Kandahar Farm Neuve Eglise, Wulvergem
Kemmel Chateau Military, Kemmel
Kemmel No1 French, Kemmel
Klein-Vierstraat British, Kemmel
Knightsbridge, Mesnil-Martinsart
La Belle Alliance (New Irish Farm), Boezinge
La Brique Military No 2, St Jean-les-Ypres
La Chapelette British and Indian, Peronne
La Chapelle d'Armentieres, La Chapelle d'Armentieres
La Clytte Military, Reninghelst
La Kreule Military, Hazebrouck
La Laiterie Military, Kemmel
La Louvaine Community, La Louvaine
La Louviere Town, La Louviere
La Motte Brebiere Communal, Amiens
La Neuville British, Corbie
La Neuville Communal, Corbie
La Plus Douve Farm, Messines
La Pugnoy Military, La Pugnoy
Lagnicourt Hedge, Lagnicourt Marcel
Lancashire Cottage, Ploegsteert
Landrecies Communal, Landrecies
Langemarck German, Langemarck
Larch Wood, Verbrand-Molen
Laventie Military, La Gorgue
Lavieville Communal, Lavieville
Le Bucquiere Communal Extension, Le Bucquiere
Le Cateau Communal, Le Cateau
Le Cateau Military, Le Cateau
Le Grand Hasard Military, Morbecque
Le Peuplier Military, Caestre
Le Quesnoy Communal, Le Quesnoy
Le Rejet de Beaulieu Communal, Le Rejet de Beaulieu
Le Tourquet-Paris-Plage Communal, Le Tourquet
Le Treport Military, Le Treport
Le Trou Aid Post, Fromelles Fleurbaix
Les Baraques Military Bleriot Plage, Sangatte
Les Pejoces, Dijon
Liege (Robermont) (City), Liege
Lijssenthoek Military, Poperinghe
Lille Gate, Ypres
Lille Southern, Lille
Lillers Communal and Extension, Lillers
Lindenhoek Chalet Military, Kemmel
Lochnagar Mine Crater, La Boiselle
Locre Hospice, Loker
London High Wood, Longueval
London Rifle Brigade, Ploegsteert
London, Neuville Vitasse
Longpre-les-Corps-Saints British, Longpre-les-Corps-Saints
Longueau, Longueau
Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir, St Omer
Longueval Road, Longueval
Lonsdale, Authuille
Louverval Military, Doignies
Luxeuil-les-Bains, Haute Saone
Maple Leaf, Neuve Eglise (Nieuwkerke)
Marcinelle New Communal, Charleroi
Martinpuich British, Martinpuich
Martinsart British, Martinsart
Mash Valley, Pozieres
Mauberge Centre, Mauberge
Maubeuge (sous-le- Bois), Maubeuge
Mazargues, Marseilles
Meaulte Military, Meaulte
Mendinghem British, Proven Poperinghe
Menin Gate, Ypres
Menin Road South Military, Ypres
Mericourt l'Abbe Communal, Merricourt l'Abbe
Merville Communal and Extension, Merville
Messines Ridge British, Messines
Meteren Military, Meteren
Metz-en-Couture Communal British Exten, Metz-en-Couture
Mezieres Communal Extension, Mezieres
Mill Road, Thiepval
Millencourt Communal, Millencourt
Moeuvres Communal, Moeuvres
Mons Communal, Mons
Mont Noir Military, St Jans-Cappel
Montbrehan British, Montbrehan
Morchies Australian, Morchies
Morchies Military, Morchies
Moreuil Communal Allied Extension, Moreuil
Morlancourt British No2, Morlancourt
Morville Communal, Morville
Mory Abbey Military, Mory
Motor Car Corner, Ploegsteert
Mount Huon Military, Le Treport
Mouquet Farm, Pozieres
Mud Corner, Ploegsteert
Namps-au-Val British, Namps-au-Val
Naours Churchyard, Naours
Naves Communal Extension, Naves
Neuve Eglise Churchyard, Nieuwkerke
New Irish Farm, St Jean-les-Ypres
New Zealand Memorial Buttes, Polygon Wood
New Zealand Memorial Caterpillar Valley, Longueval
New Zealand Memorial Messines Ridge, Messines
New Zealand Memorial Tyne Cot, Tyne Cot
New Zealand Memorial, Passchendaele
New Zealand Memorial, Zonnebeke
New Zealand Memorial/Grevillers British, Bapaume
Newfoundland Memorial Park, Beaumont Hamel
Nieppe Communal, Nieppe
Nieppe-Bois(Rue du Bois) British, Vieux Berquin Hazebrouck
Nine Elms British, Poperinge
Nivelles Communal (Town), Nivelles
Norfolk, Becordel-Becourt
Norueil Australian, Noreuil
Oak Dump, Voormezeele
Ontario, Sains-les-Marquion
Oosttaverne Wood, Oosttaverne
Ors British, Ors
Outtersteene Communal Extension, Bailleul
Ovillers Military, Ovillers
Oxford Road , Ypres
Passchendaele New British, Passchendaele
Peake Wood, Fricourt
Pernes British, Pernes-en-Artois
Pernois British, Halloy les Pernois
Peronne Communal W, Peronne
Peronne Road, Maricourt
Perreuse Chateau Franco British National, Signy Signets
Perth China Wall, Zillebeke
Philosophe British, Mazingarbe
Picquigny British, Picquigny
Ploegsteert Memorial, Ploegsteert
Ploegsteert Wood Military, Ploegsteert
Poelcapelle British, Poelcapelle
Polygon Wood, Zonnebeke
Pommereuil British, Pommereuill
Pont D'Achelles Military, Nieppe
Pont De Nieppe Communal, Nieppe
Pont Du Hem Military, La Gorgue
Pont Remy British, Pont Remy
Poperinge New Military, Poperinge
Porte De Paris, Cambrai
Potijze Burial, Potijze Chateau
Potijze Chateau Grounds, Ypres
Potijze Chateau Lawn, Potijze
Pozieres British, Ovillers la Boiselle
Premont British, Premont
Prospect Hill, Gouy
Prowse Point, Ploegsteert
Puchevillers British, Puchevillers
Quarry, Montauban
Queant Road, Buissy
Querrieu British, Querrieu
Raillencourt Communal, Raillencourt
Railway Dugouts, Ypres
Ramicourt British, Ramicourt
Ramparts, Ypres
Ramscappelle Road Military, Niewpoort
Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Annex, Messines
Ration Farm Military, La Chapelle d'Armentieres
Red Cross Corner, Beugny
Regina Trench, Grandcourt
Reningelst New Military, Reningelst
Reninghelst Churchyard, Reninghelst
Ribemont Communal, Ribemont
Ridge Wood Military, Voormezeele
Rifle House, Ploegsteert
Rocquigny Equancourt Road British, Manancourt
Roisel Communal, Roisel
Ronssoy Communal, Ronssoy
Rosieres Communal, Rosieres
Roye New British, Roye
Rue David Military, Fleurbaix
Rue Du Bacquerot (13th London), Laventie
Rue Petillon Military, Fromelles Fleurbaix
Rue-du-Bois Military, Fleurbaix
Russeignies Churchyard, Russeignies
Ruyaulcourt Military, Ruyaulcourt
Sailly Labourse Communal Extension, Sailly Labourse
Sailly-au-Bois Military, Sailly-au-Bois
Sailly-Saillisel British, Sailly Saillisel
Sailly-Sur-La-Lys Canadian, Sailly-Sur-La-Leys
Salmaise Communal, Cote D'Or
Sanctuary Wood, Zillebeke
Sanctuary Wood/Hill 62, Zillebeke
Sans-Les Marquion British, Sains-Les Marquion
Sausage Valley, Pozieres
Senlis Communal, Senlis
Serain Communal, Serain
Serre Road No1, Serre
Serre Road No2, Serre
Sheffield Memorial Park, Serre
Shrapnell Corner, Ypres
Shrine, Bucquoy
Solre - le Chateau Communal, Solre - le Chateau
Somer Farm, Wytschaete
South African National Memorial, Longueval
Spanbroekmolen/Pool of Peace, Messines
Spoilbank, Zillebeke
St Benin Communal, St Benin
St George Memorial Chapel, Ypres
St Germain-au-Mont d'Or Communal, St Germain-au-Mont d'Or
St Hilaire, Frevent
St Julien Dressing Station, St Julien Langemarck
St Maur Churchyard (Town), Province of Haincourt
St Nicolas British, St Nicholas
St Pierre, Amiens
St Pol British, St Pol sur Ternoise
St Pol Communal, St Pol sur Ternoise
St Quentin Cabaret Military, Ploegsteert
St Quentin Canal Tunnels, Bellicourt
St Riquier British, St Riquier
St Sever Communal, Rouen
St Souplet British, St Souplet
St Venant Robecq Road British, Robecq
Ste Catherine British, Ste Catherine
Ste Emilie Valley, Villers-Faucon
Ste Marie, Le Havre
Strand Military, Ploegsteert
Sucrerie Military, Colincamps
Sunken Road 2nd Canadian, Pozieres
Sunken Road, Contalmaison
Suzanne Communal, Suzanne
Suzanne Military No3, Suzanne
Tancrez Farm, Touquet
Tank Corps, Pozieres
Templeux-le-Guerard British, Templeux-le-Guerad
Templeux-le-Guerard Communal, Templeux-le-Guerad
Terlicthun British, Wimille
Terlincthun British, Wimille
The Huts, Dickebusch
Thiepval, Thiepval
Thistle Dump High Wood, Longueval
Tilloy British, Tilloy Les Mofflaines
Tincourt New British, Tincourt
Toronto Avenue, Ploegsteert
Toronto, Demuin
Torrekan Farm, Wytschaete
Tourgeville Military, Tourgeville
Tournai Communal Allied Extension, Tournai
Trois Arbres, Steenwerck
Tyne Cot, Passchendaele
Ulster Tower, Pozieres
Underhill Farm, Ploegsteert
Unicorn, Vendhuile
Vadencourt British, Maissemy
Vaire-sur-Corbie Communal, Corbie
Valenciennes (St Roch) Communal, Valenciennes
Valley, Vis en Artois
Varennes Military, Varennes
Vaulx Australian Field Ambulance, Vaulx-Vraucourt
Vaulx Hill, Vaulx-Vraucourt
VC Corner, Fromelles
Victoria School, Villers-Bretonneux
Vignacourt British, Vignacourt
Ville Sur Ancre Communal, Ville-Sur-Ancre
Villers Bocage Communal, Villers Bocage
Villers Bretonneux Communal, Villers-Bretonneux
Villers Bretonneux Military, Villers-Bretonneux
Villers Faucon, Villers Faucon
Villers Hill, Villers Guislan
Vimy Ridge, Vimy
Vis-En-Artois British, Haucourt
Vlamertinge Military, Vlamertinge
Vlamertinge New Military, Vlamertinge
Vraucourt Copse, Vaulx-Vraucourt
Warlencourt British, Warlencourt
Warloy-Baillon Communal, Warloy-Baillon
Westhof Farm, Nieuwkerke
Westouter Churchyard Extension, Westouter
White House St Jean-Les-Ypres, Ypres
Wimereux Communal, Wimereux
Windmill, Pozieres
Woods, Zillebeke
Wulverghem - Lindenhoek Rd Military, Wulvergem
Wytschaete Military, Wytschaete
X Farm, La Chapelle d'Armentieres
Y Farm Military, Bois-Grenier
Ypres Reservoir, Ypres
Ypres Town Extension, Ypres
Zantvoorde British, Zantvoorde
Zuydcoute Military, Zuydcoute

We are continuing to improve and expand our offerings and as such we are making the complete list of all these sites, including every longitude and latitude setting for every item listed above (and in PDF download) available in our 120+ page PDF eBook for only AU$7.95

Anzacs in France (PDF eBook) - Add to Cart View Cart

This eBook contains the GPS locations and number of Australian World War 1 soldiers buried in North France for almost 600 cemeteries. It also contains the GPS locations and information on all the Australian Victoria Cross actions of World War 1 Northern France.

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